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Aldridge Corporation, and its subsidiary HPMA High Performance Membranes and Adhesives, is a company designed to fulfill the requirements of all aspects of waterproofing, tiling and building maintenance. We offer a full range of waterproofing products and our range of services covers the following:

  • Waterproof membranes (polyurethane, acrylics, latex & PVC)
  • Mapei Tile Adhesives (all tile adhesives are guaranteed for adhesive over our membranes)
  • Epoxy Primers & Hydrapoxy
  • Polyurethanes & Silicons
  • Drizoro Products
  • Protection board
  • Floor levelling compounds

Aldridge Corporation takes pride in the high level of customer satisfaction and continued loyalty from its customers and the significant growth in its business over the last several years. This has resulted from Aldridge Corporation’s total dedication to research and development, a wide range of waterproofing products and a consistent focus on excellent quality and customer services.

We would like to be given the opportunity of providing and discussing our services. Should you require any technical support or further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely
Fraser Smith


I have been buying my waterproofing products from HPMA for nearly 10 years now.

Andy Ford

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